Awesome Combo

I stumbled upon an awesome combo I wanted to share, maybe some people already know this one.

Gravebane Wight + Final Sting + Singularity

Singurlarity all creatures share base health, Wight does 40% damage of its max health to all creatures when it dies, final sting give shim one attack at +300% attack then kills him. (add in splashing for more fun)

WHACK! then KABOOM! lol…all enemies typically take 7k-20k damage each.

its a nice combo. im focusing on not dying currently. ( vs lvl 10 gods/lvl 10 daily realms or 10,000 gene str mobs) so i cant get attacked once or have them cast one spell.

what traits do you have on your tanks/ressers?

got any good combos to survive a board wipe?

I sent you a PM