Awkward bug: arena did not work??

This was a first… Went and entered the arena and the arena did not happen. I was able to walk around and even speak to the arena guy again. And said enter arena a second time which did the same. Nothing happen. Used up 2 invitations. Version 2.0.9. This was a strange one lol

This is absolutely awesome. Unfortunately, I’ll have to fix it, but still.

Did anything happen at all when you entered the arena? Did he announce that the fight was going to begin, and did an opponent spawn? Or were you immediately able to start walking around?

immediately start walking around. once I entered he said nothing at all lol
clearly my kingness is to great for any opponent to face lmao. FEAR ME PEASENTS!

Alright, thanks for the info!

I can confirm I had that happen on iOS version 2.0.9 too (sorry, I forgot to report it.)