Azural lv5 defeated: Only 3M exp

lv10 will be challenging considering it took about 6-7 turns of AoE spell casting to defeat a ~ lv 3.2M azural. I did walk in with no strategy.

However, only about 3M exp for beating the challenge. I can get 3x that from a nether realm battle. Although the prize is the primary reward.

Out of curiosity, what composition are you using?

It probably has to do with my team having 1M gen strength.
Basically anything to increase defense. Modified Umaro’s defense build with my own creatures.
Nether: Defense aura (300%, unfair probably), Diligence, Incandescence, Envy, Kindness
Whispering shade: Pariah, Exalted Detriment
Phase Knight: Endurance aura, Secret Ingredient(placeholder)
Delusion Occulist: Strength of the mind, jailbreak
Drifting Shade: Shadow Aegis, Swiftcasting
Lich Overseer: Dark Aegis, Through the Gloom

Lv10 Azural was lv15M with my creatures being about lv28000. Couldn’t really scratch the god with my setup.