Back button on Android


I think there is a problem with the “back” button on Android. I’m talking about the device button, not the game’s one. I play on a HTC One and I have a “soft” button that has the “back” feature.

This morning, while doing my daily realm, I accidentally pressed on this button. The game has exited and I think it has saved my game. But when I loaded the game again, I was back on the castle and can’t resume or start again my daily realm. My luck is that my streak is not broken though.

I think you should deactivate this button, or make it open the menu or anything but not exiting the game.

I’ll disable this button for Android.

Don’t worry, this won’t break your streak. You could go another year without doing another Daily Realm, and when you return you can pick up right where you left off again.

I was afraid that “brute quitting” a daily realm would make the game consider you abandoned it and break the streak.