back button on phone killing your progress

When I’m playing the game on my android galaxy S5, I occasionally hit the “back” button on accident. This seems to end your current session without saving and restarts the game. It really kills the vibe when you’re on a roll and you suddenly lose everything.

It’s there a way to disable this button while playing? Or make it not kill your game and restart? Ending this would be the most help toward me actually progressing in the game. :frowning:

There is already a check in place to:

  1. Block the game from exiting if this button is pressed and you’re in a Daily Realm.
  2. Save the game and allow it to exit if you’re not in a Daily Realm.

It is possible that the operating system (some phones/devices have a modified version of Android, and Samsung is famous for this) ignores these checks and forces the game to close. I’ll look into this and see what I can do.

Dang, thank you. Hopefully there’s some type of workaround to keep my clumsy fingers from sabotaging my game!

You can try setting a “Touch key light duration” in Settings->Display. If I understand the setting correctly you can specify how long a button must be pressed before it counts as a click.

Hmm… I’ll try that. Hopefully the delay doesn’t get annoying in reverts for other applications XD