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I just recently discovered this game from a YotuTuber and probably alot of other people aswell. I’m really upset that the backer store has been taken down if I had know about this game back in April I would have definitely spent money on the store. Why does there have to be a time limit? I’m sure you can extend the duration shortly for the few of us that would really love to design content for this game but have missed the opportunity :pensive:.

It was open for a good while since its kickstarter ended a good while ago but I’m totally up for opening it again. We didn’t really see what creature accessories were going to be like and they were in the shop so I do question why the shop was closed prior to showing off one of the shop items.

That said, the quality on the skins that I did purchase are fantastic and I’m glad I grabbed em while I had time. If it was open again I would certainly double dip! Here’s one of the skins I came up with from the shop :


Your design is absolutely fantastic, would love to see what else you could come up with.


A good portion of the backer shop stuff has already made it in, the big backer stuff we are still waiting on is backer creatures and the 7 backer realms + gods. But for each unique backer creature, they are getting their OWN attacking animation so the devs really got their work cut out for em since its like 200ish UNIQUE creatures to animate when they attack haha. I don’t know if it’ll open back up but Zack really loves listening to the community feedback and if they clamor for something usually he will throw us a bone. (Zack if you are reading this, we will pay you more money :smile: )


:pray:Please our lord Zach :pray:

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We need a petition or something lol

If I remember correctly the reason why it’s no longer up is so he can work on finishing the game. And not just backer stuff. I could be wrong tho