Bad performance on Android Siralim 2.1.2

I’m not sure when this started as the last version I’ve played before 2.1.2 was the one right before the trials update but it seems performance in battles is really bad on my Huawei T1 7.0 Android 4.2. The game stutters and freezes in short bursts when there are fading effects (both for text and images) and attack animations. It causes battles to take significantly than they should. High performance mode doesn’t seem to change anything at all.

As I said, this didn’t happen before the trials update.

EDIT: It seems also that enemies take a lot longer to start their turns each move.

Update of performance: Every performance enhancement up to 2.1.6 has actually made the game run way slower every update but this is no longer the case with 2.1.7. The game now runs faster than it ever has before regardless of performance mode settings. Walking is now faster and battle animations now love quicker, too. I still get a lot of animation stuttering in battles but the stutters are shorter. It’s like if you took the way it was before but put it in fast motion, framerate and all, making it much more bearable.

I am still getting inconsistent walking speeds in realms, and hardware is not likely the cause. Win 10, 32 GB RAM, Core i7-6700 CPU. It will be normal for a few seconds, then slow for a few seconds, and then back to normal.