Barrier questions

  1. What is the barrier strength of the barrier that is granted by the artifact when it grants it?

  2. If another effect create another barrier, what happens? Will it be strengthen, keep the stronger one or be replaced by the new one?

  3. Is there a strength limit to the barrier? Like maybe 100% of max hp?

I haven’t been able to figure this out either, and I’m pretty curious now since I’m building a Hammer Smith team. Barrier vs. Ward and Barrier vs. Protect are my biggest questions atm.

I was under the impression the strength was calculated by reference to the recipients health, with potentially an Int modifier.

I have not experimented with this yet however and would like to know the answer as well!

Barrier never seems to get bigger for me. The only time I see an increase is when the current one pops and a new one gets applied.
I just got into the habit of re-casting/re-applying only when the current one is off.

I for one, would love to see what my own creature’s barrier amount is upon an Inspect. Then I could tell what it was when I cast it, if it grows (or gets replaced) upon subsequent casts, and if I need to be mindful of it if it’s getting low.

I’d even like a small “Barrier Bar” put near the mana/hp ones. More information is always better.