Basing resources off of creature level, not mage level

As it is currently, it’s sort of possible to get yourself in a sort of hole where your creatures are too weak to kill monsters near your mage’s level, causing you to get barely any resources when you do win battles. It can nearly ruin your savefile if you get to that point, since you need those resources to make better artifacts, and summon new monsters. If resource gains are at least based off your creature’s levels, or less heavily penalized if your mage level is high and your creatures are low, it would ease up on this a bit.

There is potential for abuse using high level artifacts to sweep low realm floors, but I’m not sure how to prevent that while still allowing players who have gotten themselves “stuck” to be able to recharge on easier realm levels without getting punished for it.

Resource gains are based on your creatures’ levels right now. More specifically, it’s based on the highest level creature in your party.

I don’t see why it’s based on Mage level anyways.
Your Mage level doesn’t really confer stats, nor does it mean that your creatures have tons of perks since you no longer gain perk points from levelling up.

Mage level is almost pointless now. The only thing it does is increase artifact traits (if you reroll) and unlock castle upgrades.
Mage level is very indirect now.

That makes MUCH more sense!

What I’ve taken to is breeding all my team at once.

[quote=“arubino99, post:4, topic:1575”]

That makes MUCH more sense!

What I’ve taken to is breeding all my team at once.[/quote]

Just for clarification: that’s how it already works in your version of the game as well.

Can we get a perk to reduce the power cost of breeding? Now THAT would be more helpful than minimum power balance (which is actually hurtful).

Question: I know that enemy level relative to creatures level makes a big difference in resource gain.

Does the absolute creature level matter much? That is is killing level 50 monsters with level 50 creatures significantly better than killing level 10 monsters with level 10 creatures?

The absolute level does matter slightly. You receive a small bonus as your realm depth increases, so with the example you gave, it would be slightly more beneficial for level 50 creatures to kill level 50 enemies than for level 10 creatures to kill level 10 enemies.