Battle born + Refraction abilities

Hello here ,

I’ve been trying to use the Refraction legendary abilities on a crystal smith and it doesnt seem to work properly .
The base ability of the crystal smith is supposed to do : “Creature gains 200% defense from its artifact”
the refraction ability still only take into account the value on the creature sheet , and not the 200% .

To give more information :
my crystal smith has around 115 base defense , and is equipped with an artifact giving +319 all def .
the total def on the creature info with the artifact equipped is around 434 .
the damage done from the refraction is around 120 ( not even 35% of the creature def )
This damage should actually be around 263 .

Thanks for looking at it .

Hi, welcome to our forums!

This combination seems to be working properly for me. Keep in mind that the Defense value used is based on whatever the attacking creature’s class is. So if a Death creature is attacking you, Refraction will use your Death Defense stat.

Yes , that’s why i took the lowest defense into my calculations .
The 200% bonus def from artifact definitely not work for me with refraction .

Thanks for the answer though