Battle crash *probably a dupe bug but one line call is different

If your game crashes, please copy and paste the full error message below, or post a screenshot of it.
Screen shot posted it looks exactly like my other one ut one function is called from a different line. Probably the same error but I figured it might help track done the bug so I posted it.
Please describe in as much detail as possible how to reproduce the bug or crash.
Casting the death spell on my ogre again. He is a sore loser becausr if he dies sometimes he insists on ruining my fun.
What operating system are you playing the game on? Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, or Playstation?
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Note 4
What game version are you playing? You can find the version number on the title screen in the lower left corner.

1.1 1

Does the creature you’re talking about have the ‘Dark Embrace’ trait?

My neither creature does. But not the one that casted sudden death or the ogre. Ogre has sadism. I also have the trait that causes death effects to run twice. But I always cast the choas spell to add traits so he moght of had it temporarly.