battle crash


Android 4.4.2
Kyocera hydro icon (if that helps any)

During battle game crashes when pressing a or b to continue dialog I can’t pin down any one thing that makes it happen other than that, it might be tied to a cpu spike that happens with the random buffs/debuffs I’m going to try and respec and see if that helps. This is causing a great deal of frustration I love this game so much. And it has done this in the free realm the regular realm and in the arena. Also and last problem I’ve noticed the 3 times I completed the arena I didn’t get anything I only made it to 10 when I left.

Version 2.0.5

Anything else you need to know or want me to try something I’ll do what I can

Sorry! The Dryad Raincaller has a tendency to cause crashes. A new update will likely be released either tomorrow or Thursday and this fix is included.

I’ll take a look at the arena reward problem as well.

Its alright I can only imagine how much work goes into this game, I’ll keep an eye on then but it has crashed a few times without then on the field example pandemonium king and some minor sigels

;D ok so I respeced and did not upgrade the buggy skill and 2 things I noticed I played for about 3 hours and no crash and 2 my phone is not nearly as warm meaning it’s not taxing my cpu as much and that might have been my problem either way no more crash for now, in the update I’ll try the skill again and let you know if it crashes