Battle lags when fighting 6x Terror Wight

I had a battle against 6x Terror Wights, and when I killed the first one the game lagged quite a bit as their abilities kicked in (stats up on ally death).

Subsequent deaths did not lag the game as badly.

V 0.1.2

Just an update, I think the “lag” I was experiencing was more all the text floating up from the stat increases did not speed through with “e” held, and required multiple presses.

I’ve since tried turning on turbo mode in the settings and I’m not getting the slowdown I did previously.

I’ve been noticing the same thing with text from stat changes causing lag. I get quite a bit of lag from just six text notices from creatures gaining spell gems from Elemental Tome. Thankfully with only six, I’ve been able to skip them as long as I press the button right after the text starts popping up