Beating high level sigils?

Since sigils scale with your highest level creature and gene strength, is there a good way to beat high level sigils?

So far all I can think of are ( none of them are particularly good):
Have an army of level 1 GS 1 creatures
Some sort of crazy speed focused build
Some sort of HP build+Woe (if they kill your nether, they die before they can kill anything else)
Spamming dark transformation on your nether doomsday spectre-manticore decimator-humanitas santus at start of battle
Just stacking items, nether upgrades, cards, spellgems, perks, etc like crazy to make up the 10X difference
Getting damage reduction 90+ and somehow killing your opponent

Pariah makes your whole team invisible, the enemies can only defend until your turn, you win because stacking damage is really easy.

Or just having the Raid perk as a Nature Mage will almost guarantee that you go first.

Or stack enough spells that cast at the start of battle. You’ll win before it begins.