Beginner Chaos Mage

I want to play as an aggressive Chaos mage purely focused on attack and one-hit-kill enemies for fast progression.

In what skills I should spend my Deity points?
What party I need to assemble for the very early game?
When I need to start breeding?

For an attack-focused team, early-on, I like to have two creatues on my team with a more defensive creatures. There are several good options for defensive/support creatures early. Stronghold with the best speed artifact you can find/build is a good tank. Autumn Aspect doesn’t have Taunt, but Grace to your whole team is useful early. Unicorn Vivifier or any Life creature with a Rez spell gam is great for when something goes wrong and a key offensive creature dies.

There are a ton of good Attack creatures available early. I quite like the Crypt Bat and/or Brim Smith to augment early-game damage. Fallen Carnage and Troll Arsonist are both good. I am not a huge fan of Berserker Fiend (dies so easily), but he can be useful.

Also, don’t underestimate the value of the Critical buff. The first Asura that you get from the God of War is a great early-game creature.

Breeding is very important because there are diminishing returns to Gene Strength … That means the first couple Gene Strength Points are the most impactful ones.

Breed some high attack creatures together to get higher base attack stat on your primary offensive creatures. Also, I personally like breeding Troll Arsonist + Berserker Fiend together early on to get access to the Troll who gets a free second attack.

For deity points, I am not familiar enough with Chaos to give good advise. However, the generic Attack boost (from the creature boosts available to all mages) is quite useful early when making an attack team.

Okay, then I try different setups described here and try to find which best suits to me.