Beginning of a new game.

Event encounters early on seem a little overwhelming (evil chest and NPC ambush type of encounters for example)

I’m not sure the best solution for this but a better scaling for new players would be great. One less monster per encounter starting would do it but this may make event encounters feel less rough than normal encounters. I did have some starting equipment (charm was equipped to twisted devil and berserker had a sword but nothing yet on sand golem)

This could be related to enemy monster equipment as well i imagine? Maybe this is an unintended consequence of pairing up monsters with items that better serve them.

The encounters ARE winnable as all it would have taken in any one of my losses is use of petrify so this is more of a learning curve issue. (but maybe new players shouldn’t have such resource management worries.) the difference being about 1-4 attacks difference each loss. (leaning on the far end but it did feel like the enemies snowballed on me)

Some of the regular monster encounters have been slightly rough but i don’t think that’s anything unforgivable (although i would be in trouble fairly early if monsters were on hardcore).

Maybe the best way to deal with this (but potentially the most time consuming) is to passively skew the difficulty of the encounters by fine tuning what kind of encounters you will see early on based on monster element and realm (to make it more likely to fight monsters you have an advantage over due to weaknesses and maybe abilities/stats) but i have funny feelings about this due to potential exploit by players to make the game easier via not unlocking certain realms. This could be remedied if this is an issue by making realm unlocks a sub requirement to many of the base unlocks.

One last solution may be to alter the early loot content to form a bridge to the point you are able to upgrade to the blacksmith. A mixture of this and early enemy tweaks is probably a better early quality of life for new players than any one situation here.

Also shrines are pretty much non existent since the dungeon changes so maybe these would help bridge the gap if fit into the puzzle right.

I’m not yet sure how this reflects on later in the game since i noticed a drop in difficulty as soon as i acquired unique artifacts in my prior play-through but i expect weapon forging will help curve the difficulty later on as well as surprises you mentioned you were planning on adding with the PC’s monsters.

Monster selection here isn’t an option for a new player either since resources prohibit this. Besides stun no other owned spells were viable since combat win/loss would be decided at a higher hp loss ratio than owned spells would be allowed synergy with (no damage/healing spells were useful here so maybe out-scaling the usefulness of these items early game is an issue?)

Can anyone else start a new character and give feedback on their experiences with this matter?

What did you choose as your starting class? Some classes have it WAY easier than others in the beginning (Chaos in particular can steamroll the early part of the game) so I might adjust the second creature that certain classes receive in order to balance this out a little better. I feel like Sorcery might be the weakest class since Iron Golems don’t really shine until you get a weapon for them.

Also, you said shrines are pretty much non-existent - though a shrine is supposed to spawn in every single dungeon. If that’s not the case then it’s a bug that I’ll have to fix. Can you confirm that I read that properly?

Yes i haven’t seen any recently, not sure if it’s something local though.

I started with the Chaos Mage :stuck_out_tongue:

(Twisted Devil, Berzerker Fiend and Sand Golem so 2x chaos and a nature minion)

Ah, I see what the problem might be. Enemies start spawning with artifacts after you reach level 7, but you won’t have the blacksmith by that point. So you’re running around with these really low-end artifacts while your enemies can potentially have fully-enchanted artifacts. I’ll change it so that enemies don’t spawn with artifacts until after the blacksmith is completed. I’m also going to increase the amount of brimstone/crystal/power you receive at the beginning so that you can quickly summon your third creature without needing to grind non-stop for resources first. And lastly, I’ll swap out Healing and Fireball to something a bit more useful for the start of the game.

I didn’t have a problem summoning my third one by the time i got particles honestly but the change would allow players to experiment with monsters more early on (having one stable monster overflow early on seems like a good thing)

But yes this started happening around level 8 and i suspected it was related to your artifact changes so i think you definitely caught the issue. I spotted a Firewound angel which in a prior encounter was extremely threatening (basically 2 shot any one individual monster) then the next encounter ran into another one which didn’t seem to be as tough but in the process of focusing him down a glutinous slime ate my party alive :slight_smile: (that passive ability is a piece of work if equipped right)

do standard enemies spawn with unique equipment?

Nope, enemies will never spawn with legendary materials on their artifacts. That might seem like your enemies will be underpowered eventually (since ultimately your creatures will have two abilities and your enemies will have only one), but I think it’ll all work out since it’ll enable you to go to deeper dungeons and survive longer in the arena, both of which make the game way more exciting.