Berserker Fiend is pretty strong.

Im pretty sure that this is actually maximum damage. After that, it splashed for 250 damage. I never got this much damage before but once I managed to get Thrust, Multistrike and Splash at the same time.

Not sure how the 999 damage happened though, i don’t have any + attack on my artifact except for the base stat of around 60.

There is no damage cap, but you probably attacked something with really low defense and since creatures with Berserk deal 100% more damage anyway (or maybe it has +100% Attack, I forget), it cut through the target’s defense pretty hard.

Pulse bats are dicks.

Berserker fiends seem fine because at higher levels, one attack reduces their HP quite tremendously. I equipped mine with a level 8 artifact with all attack and it would to so much damage to itself it was a one hit wonder. I still enjoy using mine, but without proper support monsters, hes very squishy. BTW I don’t do well against teams of pulse bats either.

I have a fallen carnage with around 4500 attack and a berserker enchantment. It hits for up to 7,000 damage on some creatures. And I’m pretty sure other players have achieved to get even stronger hits.