Best Arena Team?

What is the best team for the arena? (as in: what is most likely to win a round against much stronger oppeonts)

My own record is stopping on level 250 (as in: not dying, but simply getting bored).

My current build is as follows (no nethers - I would need nether demons to really improve since stats really is not that important):

Pegasus, Colony (improve the pit guards)
Pit Guard, Colony (scorn on hard things like Bone reapers and improve all pit guards)
Omnipotent Deity, doppelganger (to kill things)
Raven Acolyte, Topaz Attunement (act first and start with 65% life - i.e. heal own and lower damage needed)
Pit guard, Topaz Attunement (act first and scorn)
Pit Guard, Eternal Rest (scorn on hard things like Bone reapers and stop other Omnipotent Deities and auto revival)

The guys have speed to act in the order given. Besides that I got maximized Sadistic Pleasure, Abolish and Psychopath (the latter two was not used on the 250 run, but I think it would make it better). No Topaz paragon has been summoned.

The artifacts are filled with things like calm, sleep, confuse, stun and so on that prevent attacks, to ensure that if everything fails, you can simply stop oppeonts from doing anything.

The idea is that you can remove any one threat before it becomes a problem, either through Sadistic Pleasure and just hitting it over and over or through Scorn. Besides that you can spread some debuffs with the artifacts, so you can get a second turn.