Best way to farm Power?

Hey guys, I recently started playing this game, and I have to say its a lot of fun! I’m around level 35 right now and one thing I noticed is that Power is used for like… everything. I always run out of it doing constructions, power spells, enchants, etc. And its especially needed for the nether quest (upgrading the gems) that I’m on right now.

I know for granite you can get the artifact enchant, but what can I do to get power faster?

There’s an artifact enchantment for every resource type, power included. Try transmuting your extra materials to get a shot at the item you need for the enchant. Otherwise just go kill things and keep leveling up! The power you get from battles will eventually outstrip your needs. Then you get to find a new resource to always be running low! (I can never seem to get enough crystal).

Oh nice, I just thought it was exclusive to one resource because that’s all the NPCs told me lol. And I did not know transmuting was actually any good… The few times I tried it I got some crappy materials (never saw the point of +def anyway)

There’s no real way to farm specific resources outside of the enchantment boosts, but you can have one on each of your artifacts and they will add up - so 6 power enchants will give you 120% more power. Additionally, the Priest’s Relic consumable increases how much power you get from the next battle by another 100%.

You can compound this with the Nightwing Gargoyle creature available from Bynine, though each core costs 15 emblems, which at the beginning of the game is a hefty (though worthwhile) investment. It increases resource drops by 30% for each living creature on your team, for a total of another 180% for the whole team.

The fastest way to get more resources, with all that in account, is to go into the realms and search until you hit a buff shrine that gives you +100% resources from battle, and then spam minor sigils repeatedly. They’re not hard - equivalent to the monster-hunting Duty that has you fighting a single Nether - and Nethers drop significantly more resources than normal monsters.

If you put all that together you can get power five times as fast, not to mention how fast you’ll accumulate the other resources.

One other thing: your “power balance” is a multiplier for any power you receive. Try to keep it high. If you’re having trouble keeping it near 200%, the “Power Balance Bonus” perk is very affordable and helps a lot. If you’ve already been doing that, increasing your “Power Balance Maximum” a little is worth doing (but not nearly as affordable).

Thanks for this tip… I started doing this now and its gotten a little better. Also, now that I’m starting to see those treasure golems… man thats an easy 20k with the priest’s relic.

Two questions that are mostly related to resource farming:

  1. What do you folks think about the spending Royalty points on improved Spoils of War? Is that a good way to boost resources, or is it a waste of precious Royalty points?

  2. Do Nightwing Gargoyle (and other Emblem creature) eventually show up in the wild (if I unlock enough tiers of creature) or are they exclusive to the Emblem vender?

Nightwing Gargoyles show up in the wild once you summon them, but cannot be extracted - you have to buy all their cores from Bynine still.

I personally put 10 points into Spoils almost as soon as the game started and have never regretted it. Royalty points are not as perishable as you think they are; Duties will give you plenty, and once you start putting points in Loot Hoarding, you’ll encounter Potions of Royalty rather often (they give you Royalty points for drinking them). Pandemonium Tokens also have a result that gives you more points.

Resources are your lifeblood. Don’t be afraid to invest, particularly now that Essence is so much more neccesary thanks to the gembox nerf.

Oh that is very interesting. I hadn’t realized that they couldn’t be extracted. (I saw that they started showing up in the wild once I had summoned one, but I wasn’t sure if – had I not bought from Bynine – if they might have shown up anyway by the time I had unlocked tier 30.)

I guess, if you could extract them, then the right answer would just be to buy a signle core from Bynine, sacrifice it to make the next realm have lots of Nightwings and extract three cores to save Emblems. At least your answer means I won’t regret having purchased three copies of a Core from Bynine. :->