I’ve noticed that I’ve acquired quite a lot of monster particles. Aside from the monsters I’ve summoned, however, I don’t seem to find anyway to determine their base stats and abilities. Please correct me if I’m wrong on this, but if I’m not–it might be a nice idea to create a bestiarium you can access as-needed based on the number of particles you’ve got, with additional information appearing as you acquire from one to three for any given monster. That way, you know what you’re getting before you summon.

A minor point, in any case. Greatly enjoying the unusual take on rogues in this game. :slight_smile:

You can view a creatures’ base stats and ability by going to the Items menu, then select “Particles” and toggle to the creature you want to learn about. This information is also displayed on the summoning menu. Is that what you mean?

Something like it. But I’m suggesting that when you have fewer than three particles, the information you receive for that creature should be less, and that it should increase with each additional particle up to three.

That also brings up a question on a matter I haven’t yet investigated: if you place a creature in your stable, and have no more particles for it, does the details about it (the generic creature type, not the specific one you’ve got in storage) vanish your view? I can’t check this now, as I’ve got more than enough particles for each of the creatures in my party.

After you summon a creature, data about that creature will be permanently stored in your bestiary. You can access the bestiary by talking to the librarian.

And since you’re not going to summon outside your castle, you don’t need to have that info available at a key click. Okay, I can buy that. :slight_smile: