Beta testers wanted!

Patch 1.0.12 is by far the most complex patch that has ever been released for Siralim. While I have tried very hard to thoroughly test the patch (and will continue to do so over the next few days), it would be a huge help if a few of you could try it out before it’s fully released. All I really need you to do is load up your save file, complete a few Duties, and play the game as normal for an hour or two to make sure there aren’t any crashes. As an added bonus for you, you won’t have to wait for the patch to show up on Humble Bundle, Groupees, or whatever site you pirated the game from.

This offer is only for Windows for now. Please send me a forum PM with your e-mail address and some form of payment confirmation from Humble Bundle or Groupees (of course, if you know that I know you already purchased the game, that part isn’t necessary), and I’ll contact you by Friday with the test version. Thanks for your interest!