Better Spell Gem mass grinding

I have Grim Dawn leveled to ~100. As a result, I get a LOT of spell gems, and it’s quite time consuming to choose which ones I want to keep, so I have a suggestion regarding grinding.

List another grinding option which is: “Mass grind all COMMON unlocked unequipped spell gems”.

The option would grind all spell gems which are easy to find (“healing” is a great example) which have no special abilities (i.e. “None”).

Here’s my thinking:

  1. Obviously some gems are rarer than others. For example, any gem you can buy for emblems, at the arena, or at the tavern is not “common”. The game probably has other rarity factors as well.
  2. Spell gems with special abilities aren’t common because they have so much variety.

This feature would save me a TON of time choosing which spell gems I want to “lock” before I use the full “mass grind all unlocked unequipped spell gems” option.