Black Crystal Smith Breaks the Game

Trait: Unbreakable - Your creatures’ class-specific Shield artifacts prevent 100% of that class’ base damage and heal them for 30% Health when they take damage from that class.

Even without a combo, this trait is obscenely powerful.

Add in a spell like “condemning light” that converts all enemies to the same class and appropriate shields. Congratulations, you have a team that is immune to attack and spell damage.

In general, damage immunity of any sort is easily exploitable so I’d suggest a rework on this trait.

Enemy class change spells have the cast at start property as well.

What’s base damage though?
What’s not counted as base damage?

[quote=“bluequakeralex, post:3, topic:3121”]What’s base damage though?
What’s not counted as base damage?[/quote]

I am not sure why it is worded that way, but there may be something that can break through it. Debuffs still deal damage but I haven’t noticed anything else yet.

There are spells to disable artifacts, too, but yeah.

Combine that with making your creatures immune to debuffs…


Looks like a similar effect can be achieved super late game with the Gonfurian card.

Your creatures’ Lance artifacts’ primary stats are 100% more powerful, and your creatures Shield artifacts grant damage immunity to their primary stats’ respective class.