Blacksmith Ianne battle

Win 10
Current update, didn’t use tear branch

This is my 3rd attempt at this fight, each time after 20 minutes or so I realize that it’s pointless to continue. I get stuck where I can’t damage him and he has so many debuffs that he can’t seem to do anything to me either. Maybe a max on his damage resistance? Maybe I need a whole new approach?

I am with this guy. Dude has 38k in hp no way to one shot him. Even secondary sources of damage do nothing to him so he really needs a cap or you can forget ever beating him.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m going to add a cap to this in the next patch.

Confusion is your friend after a while he can kill himself =D… most boring fight ever but till the fix (Thank YOU!!!) a work around.

I’d left a D6 rubber banded to the E key and went for a run, came back an hour later and it was still going. I figured my team was just really poorly built to deal with this fight. Every once in awhile I would do 21 damage but he was at 161k hp.