Blademaster, Arena Master, and Wolpertinger

Unlocked these creatures, sitting in my stables.

I’d like to use them, but they don’t appear in the wild even though the game states they do. I can’t gain cores for these three, therefore I can’t make a nether from them. Is there a way to gain these cores?

I restarted a game, unlocked only Tier 1 creatures (to limit the pool of available creature encounters) and then unlocked three of the “secret” monsters - Blademaster, Arena Master, and Wolpertinger. I have yet to see them in the wild, outside of sigil battles (which you can’t extract). I think I’m up to 20-30 hours or so on this game, and still zero encounters. Note that I explicitly created this save to locate these creatures in the wild.

The consequence to this, is that I can’t create further copies of these creatures, nor can I create nether versions of these creatures.

I am playing on the PS4, latest version (2.4.3?)

Confirmed that it’s working on PC, but I haven’t had a chance to test this on PS4 yet. I’ll get back to you soon!

Thank you for looking into this, Zack!

I’m not expecting an update since it’s PS4 (and there may be hurdles with throwing out an update on that platform), but thought I’d mention what I’ve found in playing.

Excellent game, btw! S2 is day one purchase from me. Also, thanks for hosting these forums.

All three of the creatures you mentioned are spawning for me on both NA and EU regions of the PS4 and Vita versions of the game. I’m not sure why you aren’t seeing them early on through your testing, though.

Are they tied to Tier unlock? Or realm floor?

It’s definitely tied to tier level in some fashion.

I’m playing on Random Tier - as soon as I unlocked Tier 2, suddenly I’m fighting Wolpertinger with pretty good encounter rate. Repeated to Tier 3, and suddenly Blademaster is appearing. Still no Troll Alemaster or Arena Master, but a few more tiers, and they’ll probably unlock as well.

I think perhaps on the non-random tiers, they’re all tied to Tier 1 (and thus unlocked when you “create” them).

Update: Got Blademaster unlocked after getting Tier 28 last night. Truly a pain… ironically, by tier 28, I didn’t really need him. ::slight_smile:

Ah, ok, I didn’t realize you were playing in random creature mode. That mode unlocks a batch of random creatures each time you complete a creature upgrade, and ignores all other unlocked creatures.

Which is truly odd, because if I purchase a random core and summon the creature, it’s immediately unlocked to be encountered in the wild.
For instance - Nightmare Gargoyle. Bought 3 cores from Brynine, summoned it, and now I fight them in the wild.

Found a core of Brim Smith from the merchant. Sacrificed it, encountered them on a single floor, got 3 cores, then summoned one. Now they’re in the wild, without a new tier.

The only exception to this seems to be the special creatures like Wolpertinger, Ale Master, Arena Master, etc. You get the creatures, but in order to unlock them in the wild, you have to either gain a random core from a merchant (they exist after the creatures join you) or unlocking more tiers. And for Random mode, it’s painful when you want to use these creatures immediately without upping the difficulty by unlocking tiers.

Anyways - bug solved. Thoughts/feedback for S2 if you use creatures like this again. Thanks Zack!