Blight and longer longevity event


This one is lethal. When the longer longevity event (don’t remember the realm type) happens and there is a Mutant that blights your team, it is an insta-kill for the whole team. My Pegasus has resurrected thanks to its Afterlife enchantment but it has died again just after because of the blight. Of course this has happened while in my 7th daily realm so it has broken my streak.

I have not received a reward for the streak, I thought I had understood you would gain a reward after finishing a streak but I may have misunderstood. Well, back to streak 0 then !

Ouch, I am very sorry about that. I’ll get that fixed.

No problem. On streak 7, the creatures were around level 230 if I remember correctly and defeating 20 packs of those creatures takes a very very long time. I’ll start again and will reinforce my team.

I only regret that I have not achieved a streak that rewards a nether orb.

Oh, sorry, I forgot to address that as well: You earn a streak reward each time you complete a Daily Realm. You don’t have to die to receive the reward since you just get it after clearing one instead.