Blight and other status effects

what exactly does Blight do? I’ve noticed it seems to do damage when enemies use skills sometimes, but I’m not very clear on exactly when and how it works. I’m not clear on some of the other effects as well.

As far as other effects, I’ll list the effects I’m aware of the functions of, in case someone isn’t aware of what they do. As far as I know it isn’t listed in-game.

[ul][li]Stun seems to make enemies lose turns sometimes[/li]
[li]poison makes you lose health each turn and seems to stack[/li]
[li]Burn makes you take damage when attacking[/li]
[li]Frozen makes you lose turns[/li]
[li]Sea Snakes reduce defense by about 5%. Not sure if it’s per snake or 5% each turn and you lose a snake when used.[/li]
[li]multiattack makes you do extra damage after a turn, I think? It may give extra turns but I’ve only had it on Fallen Carnage who may work slightly different.[/li]
[li]dire wolves do extra damage each attack for each wolf[/li]
[li]blind makes you less accurate[/li][/ul]

You can ask the librarian about the different buffs/debuffs. In case of blight creatures take damage from healing effects.

Oh, nice. I had just checked all the shelves and noticed it wasn’t an available topic.

Good thing for this thread. I just got a lv 2 ring with a special ability upheaval which gives 50% chance to scorn enemies and I needed to know what scorn did. Have to ask the person at the desk :slight_smile: