Blight Removal

I am currently building a defensive team with a considerable amount of healing and I know that I am going to struggle against creatures/spells that cause Blight, particularly to my whole party. I’ve been looking around for some way to counter this, and I’ve either missed it or am not yet far enough to find creatures/materials that would help. Any suggestions on Blight removal aside from spells and/or sticking it out until it wear off? I could potentially live off of Mass Dispels, but that seems like a stretch and doesn’t appear to be a long-term solution.

Funny, I was just doing the same thing. It’s probably best to make sure you have some good offensive creatures, and just have the healers defend/provoke while you remove the enemy causing it (or just wait if they cast the spell on you). And remember, not all ‘healing’ is healing, so not all types should be affected by blight.

I’ve got decent offense built in, but it takes a bit to wind up because it increases each time a creature is healed. I’ve got a couple of ideas for other offensive creatures so that I’m not stuck if my powerhouse dies, but Blight is going to be a problem for at least a few turns, even if I manage to drop the creature(s) causing it. I may have to go the Defend route, as you mentioned, though I’m hoping there might be some sort of work around for it. Thanks for the advice!

No problem, sounds pretty similar to mine. I have a Diabolic Horde group going that I was just about to do a similar setup. I’m going to have 2 attackers with the +20% per healing flanking one in the middle with the artifact that adds the attack from both sides. Since they all have link, each turn the healing with add 120% attack to the flankers, and then both of those onto the center guy. It’s not exactly an infinite level setup, but should be fun nonetheless.

Build in a pair of Ressurection Codes somehow, either on two artifacts, with two Lich Overseers, or on an Infinite Lord (which always rezzes itself once, and thus provides the Code twice by itself at the cost of no chance at a third), then make sure to kill the Swampdweller first. Your creatures will rez without Blight should the worst happen, and in general having rez redundancy is vital to a healing team.

The Styx Banshee ability that reduces damage taken at max health to 1 and the Wyvern Airslayer ability that gives 95% dodge chance at max health are also both natural counterparts to healing strategies.