Blood Reaper : Not Working on Friendly Creature

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I have a Blood Reaper on my Team
I have a Friendly Creature on my Team who is below 25% Health
I attack the Friendly Creature with my Blood Reaper

I expected the Blood Reaper to kill my Friendly Creature and heal all other creatures on my team.

The Blood Reaper ability did not activate

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Windows 7 (NA)

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I expect that Blood Reaper is implemented as Enemy only. However, the ability to sacrifice a low-health creature to heal others on your team seems like a fun (and not broken) use of the ability.

I had another creature on my team with the “Savior” ability (so he took part of the damage from the Blood Reaper attack).
This probably doesn’t matter, but I guess it could be the case that there is a broken interaction between Reaper abilities and Savior