Blood Reapers Are Weaksauce

I cannot think of any team that benefits from having a Blood Reaper on it. Seriously. If you’re just looking to proc an ally death, use Dark Ritual or Carver Sadist, both of which have a much better benefit. I can just barely eke out some synergy with Link - because the Barrier created is dependent on Max HP, not current HP, and this makes the Blood Reaper fairly survivable - but that doesn’t fix the core issue.

The problem is this: the Reaper sacrifices an ally to save its own life, but the ability of the creature you just saved is literally only blowing allies up to make itself not die. Any other ability on any other creature, no matter how lame or specific, is better than this, because at least they don’t give the enemy team a free shot past Defense/HP buffs, Shell/Mend/Protect/Invisibility, and Provoke/Taunt. Even if the other team chooses to ignore the Blood Reaper, it’s no big loss, because while it has a decent base 38 attack, that’s nothing you don’t find all the time on other creatures that bring actually useful things to the table all on their own.

I recommend one of two things: either buffing the Blood Reaper’s attack enough that keeping it alive becomes meaningful, and not a leading cause of brain tumors, or altering its ability to grant some kind of additional buff each time it consumes another creature. Say, a 20% boost in Attack/Defense/Speed, or something like that. It’s still weak compared to the ridiculous proc of, for example Wicked Carver, but at least then when it’s the last creature standing it wouldn’t die like a pansy.

I do not like or use him either but there are scenarios where he makes sense. His niche is protecting against Fallen Carnage or other kill triggered abilities. With Day of the Dead artifact he might even work.

The ability is meant to be used for tanking. There are two other main types of abilities that I can think of that synergize well with this creature: on-death abilities, and abilities that grant additional maximum health. The Blood Reaper should be provoking at all times - and if you can get Taunt on an artifact, that’s even better. The ability might need some tweaking, sure, but I think the core concept behind it is useful.

I can buy that. Complaint retracted.

Sorry for the necro, but I was thinking about blood reapers earlier, and I’d been thinking that because of the randomness of who they kill, their ability fits more as an “interesting thing for the enemy to have” than “something you probably want on your team”? They seem more fitting as AI opponents than as player creatures, I mean. And I think that having a few creatures in that role is mostly fine.

I enjoy thinking “okay, well, it would be cooler if I just keep hitting the blood reaper until they all die, but then I’ll have to work through all of those barriers…”

I think they are a liability for the AI. I will kill weaker enemies directly and use the Blood Reaper to take out stronger enemies. They work better for players especially when paired with creatures with death abilities like Cradle to the Grave or Electroheart.

A slight buff for this creature is coming up soon: instead of the barrier being based on the slain creature’s current health, it will use its maximum health instead.

This creature’s ability would be a lot more useful if it were determinable which creature would be sacrificed - for example, if it always tried to sac your first/last creature, or the one closest on its left, something along those lines.

I can see how he could be useful, but I personally don’t like these selfish characters: him, the Succubus Spirit, and the Carver with the color scheme of a cow.