Blurry buff/debuff icons

Win 7, Win 10, v0.12.0
Buff/debuff icons on creatures is too blurry.

I agree 100%

It is really hard to distinguish the buff and the debuffs now.
Not that the new icons are bad but as OP says too blurry and for me too similar. The background color seems too strong.

The old icons had a clear symbol with white background - buffs a green touch and debuffs a red touch. And most importantly they were precise. You could define the meaning from the symbol, you could even guess what it means without knowing. Now if you have multiple buffs/debuffs it is hard to say what it is.

Please consider change it back or at least fine tune the new buff and debuff icons.

Thank you in advance

Icons still blurry and ugly as hell =( Please return old ones

I also find the new icons hard to understand (maybe just because I was used to the old ones … I am not sure)

… Is there anywhere that shows a list of the new icons and the buffs that they represent?


I would like to share that i also find it a little difficult to distiquish a buff from a debuff and what they are or do just by seeing them, they’re a little hard to identify by symbol and color.
Arcane is represented by 2 stars, and multistrike is 2 stars as well. Grace and berserk are waves, berserk is horizontal and grace is vertical. stun also is similar looking.
some icons like these look like they’re grouped because some look similar to each other, like they are related but they are not at all, it’s a little confusing.

I can see that buffs have light blue outline, and debuffs have a red outline, which is how i (maybe all of us) associate color into good and bad representations ie, traffic signals, warning signs.
What i find confusing is seeing some buffs as mostly red like taunt, berserk, multistrike, leech, splash, multicast, critical. and some debuffs as blue like frozen,
also vulnerable and snare look funny, i see a rock and a circle with lines in it.
i’m out of time i gotta go to work :slight_smile: