Boastful Protector Calculating Incorrectly

Boastful Protector:
After this creature provokes, it gains 100% current and Maximum Health. When it stops provoking, it loses 50% of its Maximum Health.

I’m currently playing as a nature mage with the +50% boost to health, speed, defense.

I also have +5% health from mage perks.

Nothing else should be impacting maximum health.

When my Giant Mangler provokes, he gains something like 60% maximum and current health rather than the stated 100%

It gets extra weird when he stops provoking, because his maximum health changes to a value 10% or so lower than when he started.

Hybridization isn’t taken into account by any trait as far as I know.

Thanks for the tip off, thats probably a major component of this, though not sure how that would create a situation where the creature gradually loses hp with this trait.

Its odd since Hybridization seems to be calculated pre-battle if it doesn’t impact any traits/multipliers.

So I played around with some other traits and Strength of the World (colossal giant) does take Hybridization into account and convert the gained defense to HP. There is inconsistent behavior here and I am certain Boastful Protector is not working correctly since you lose max hp each turn.