Bombardment trait works inconsistenly

I have been using the Crypt Bat for a long time. Sometimes the bombardment trait doesn’t trigger despite my other creatures attacking and doing damage. I thought at first that it was just some other traits messing with it. It has happened enough times that I am pretty sure something is up with the trait.

Is the attacker killing the enemy? If so, Bombardment is probably choosing the dead creature to deal damage but the message doesn’t display since it’s dead.

Yeah I thought about that.but it happens when the attacker doesn’t kill the enemy too. I just had a fight where it happened that one my creatures dealt damage, didn’t kill the creature and Bombardment didn’t proc. Thanks for checking these things out!

I posted something similar. It might have something to do with an action other than attacking that a creatures takes after it, like my Dawn Crusader who always defends at the end of its turn, so the game thinks it’s defending rather than attacking. I would assume the Crypt Bat’s trait activates at the end of the ally’s turn. If so, then it makes sense.