Boss in final form bug it keeping tell me reborn

Boss in final form bug it keeping tell me reborn

If you mean that Caliban keeps regenerating after defeating all five body parts, I’m having the same issue. I thought maybe it was a phase problem, so I defeated him twice… and then he regenerated for a third round. It feels really unsatisfying and I can’t tell if it’s a bug or working as intended.

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his main body part will always regenerate the other bodyparts on it’s turn as long as it still has health left as far as I am aware. Just got to grind him down.

From what I have experienced (have beat him 2X) he has a sorta trick to him. After all 5 parts are destroyed you can attack the heart but as soon as you do he raises the parts back to life. First time I fought him he took forever kept tapping him. Make sure who ever hits his heart is strong enough to make a dent or can debuff his defense for the next time. The 2nd time I fought him he only brought his parts back 3 times.

Got it, okay, thank you!

Yeah, I think for me he only regenerated his parts once (maybe twice), as I had my heavy hitter destroy him pretty quick.