Boss vs Regular enemies Difficulty Gap

The gap in difficulty between boss monsters and the fodder is too large.
With the boss monsters requiring special tactics that cannot be discovered until you face them, there’s no time or inclination to develop such tactics before you actually fight the bosses. The game becomes more of a puzzle game, where you reach the puzzle, and then go back and grind a solution to it by catching, selecting, and training the right team.

If you could find some hint about the upcoming boss fights before you face them, that might be extremely helpful, but still the run of the mill encounters are so easy, it’s not necessary to upgrade, equip, or design your team or self until the boss defeats you (automatically) the first time.

The regular floors are a boring blur of kill, award screen, kill, award screen. I’ve no idea on floor 7 what resources I have, or what creatures, or what artifacts, or spells, because they never mattered.
Playing Death Mage, just reached Andrick.

Well, yes, the fights are going to be a little easier considering you haven’t even defeated the second boss yet. The difficulty ramps up much more later on.