Brave Little Bot + Reclusive Wight 1HP

Version: 1.0.3
OS: Windows 10

This creature is starting battle with 1 HP from what I can tell. I thought it was after revive but it goes down to 1 HP before any attacks or at least before I noticed any attacks.

Zones: Titan’s Wound - Eternity’s End
Instability: 0, 5
On the BLB + RWight: (1) Resurrection Code (2) Bravely Inspired (3) Perishing Salvo
Race Wight, Class Sorcery, Personality Apathetic

I also added (4) Naxor Harbringer to the squad at the same time.

Apparently the BLB used to only be able to have 1 HP? Possibly related to the issue.

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I am also having this same issue but it’s with Gravebane Wight/Brave Little Bot.

There’s some sort of bug with that fusion.

Hopefully they see this and fix it next patch. I left a post on the steam discussion page about this as well.