Breeding and Seeds

Well, I got my first Seed today. A Sorcery Seed.
It changes whatever creature you use it on to a Sorcery Creature. This allows you to equip it with Sorcery spells as well as yield any class buffs for having another creature in your lineup.
Sorcery Mages probably won’t care so much, because they can equip all spell gems to all creatures via perks.

But there’s a problem for other Mages!
The way the game currently operates with breeding, you must breed your creature to gain Heredity in order to level it up at some point. The ultra rare seed you just used? Gone! This means your well-crafted strategy of changing a creature to another class to utilize other spells just went up in smoke!

I haven’t tested Tomes yet, but I suspect they’ll be the same.

Currently being real-lifed really hard, so I haven’t managed to do that much playtesting yet. I Once that has been said, I honestly think that the Seeds are a fundementally bad idea and that Class Swapped spellgems are much, much, much, much, much too common (not to mention all other Spell Gem modifiers for that matter). I won’t be going into detail as to why I think so here, as I’m working on a thread of my own where I’ll be providing some constructive critisisms, but basically it can be summerized as:

1 - Seeds serve to make the individual creature matter even less than what they already do. I say that the game should attempt to make every creature in your party a distinct member, rather than a just a cog in the machine. Eroding the very notion of creature class means removing a huge part of why creatures matter in the first place.

2 - Class Swapped gems basically do the same as Seeds, but on a much grander scale. Especially because enemy creatures don’t seem to be able to benefit from them, thus granting the player even MORE of an advantage. Also there’s the whole thing about Wizards having the old Spell Mastery trait - but on drugs this time due to a lack of a drawback.

3 - I’m currently only level 33 on my test run (damn you real life!) and yet only a third of my spells are un-modified. Now, I’m a veteran of the series (been here longer than Umaro, motherflompers!), so to me its not much of a problem. But to someone entirely new to the series I can easily imagine that everything having bonuses, random extra effects and all that nonsense could be very unappealing. Not to mention that the frequency by which you gain modified gems makes the individual spell feel a lot less special and interesting.

Don’t worry Zack (ALL HAIL!!!), I’ve got plenty of nice things to say (THEM ARTIFACTS!!! <3) once I’m done real lifeing in realspace.

Spell swapped gems DO have a large drawback - namely you just burned one of the spells’ properties. At first, they’ll be slightly stronger because you can use something like Snowstorm on a Death creature. But later on, you’ll want to use a Nature creature to be casting your Snowstorm, because you’ll want 3 full properties on it. Think of it like each property is worth about 50%-60% of it’s base damage. With a spell swap taking up a slot, you’re losing quite a bit of spell power in exchange for that.

Sorcery Mages don’t care one bit about spell swapped gems, either.