Breeding at high mage levels

If you want to breed a new team for gene strength the time investment becomes bigger the higher your mage level is. Sure you can always use your old team to do sigils/levels to earn stable XP,
but is it really intended to play another team until your new team is up to speed (figurativly and literally)?
After the recent changes in 0.8.0 Is it really necessary to base gene strength contribution of creatures on character level at all any longer? It has diminishing returns anyway and at higher gene levels there are enough limiting factors in place anyway mainly power cost, and later crystals/ritual time.

My suggestion would be to let creatures always contribute the same amount of gene strength independent from level and let breeding follow these rules:

  1. A creature will always contribute +1 gene strength from its highest stat
  2. A creature with gene strength will contribute additional gene strength based on the current formula for creatures between 35% and 65% of character level (at high gene levels n+2/n+1/n primary/secondary/tertiary stat). Or better yet a simpler one because the gene distribution below level 100 gives me a headache.
  3. Breeding two creatures with different gene strength will give the average gene strength to the offspring normalized to the gene strength maximum between both parents (this allows redistribution of gene strength if desired)

Example: +28 (16/0/12/0/0) bred with +4 (0/2/2/0/0)
Apply 1. Depending on highest stat, lets say Pedigree contribution +1 (1/0/0/0/0), mate contribution +1 (0/0/0/0/1) -> +2 (1/0/0/0/1)
Apply 2. Pedigree contributes at +28 gene strength is +3 from gene strength. +3 (1/1/1/0/0), mate contribution is +1 (0/1/0/0/0) -> +4 (1/2/1/0/0)
Apply 3. Averaged gene strength between +28 (16/0/12/0/0) bred with +4 (0/2/2/0/0) is +16 (8/1/7/0/0) -> after normalization (multiplied by 28/16 = 1.75) -> +28 (14/2/12/0/0)
Offspring gene strength: +2(1/0/0/0/1) and +4(1/2/1/0/0) and +28(14/2/12/0/0) results in +36 (16/4/13/0/1)

In my opinion this would make breeding more transparent (how many player bothered to figure out the 35/65/85% boundaries anyway?) but more importantly I would not have to dread the level ups of my mage anymore :slight_smile: