Breeding Compendium import between saves

So I’ve messed up a lv40 save with ~100 unlocked creatures and started anew. I would love having the breeding info on my new save though. Can it be implemented?

I like the exploration feeling to the breeding part, and I don’t like spoilers about breeding combos. Yet ignoring the combos I’ve discovered earlier with my own sweat seems kinda dumb to me.

I second this. Maybe make all recipes independent of save so discovering in one affects any other. I think that would give some incentive to make new saves to try different approaches using new creatures you discovered. There could be a global option to reset the knowledge, or a setting when making a new game to have it separate or something.

An option to import another save’s breeding library would do the job. :slight_smile:

Then I don’t have to write down or flip between saves when I want to breed something.

This isn’t a feature that I would want to use. (I like each of my saves being completely independent)

If other players find it to be a useful option, I have no problem with it being implemented. (Although my preference would be to include some way to opt-out or reset, so it isn’t forced upon me.)

Out of curiosity, what did you do to mess up the Level 40 Save File?

I bred most of my high-level creatures into something useless, and now I have no strong creatures, no resources and no power. And I’m sick of grinding myself out of this hole.