Breeding Guide

This Breeding Guide aims to clearify on how breeding actually works. Im gonna change and add information in this Guide as I learn and discover more about breeding in Siralim 3. And if You, dear reader, notice false information or unclear explanations feel free to let me know.

Hereditys and how to get them
Only Primed Creatures and Creatures who already have Hereditys can pass their Hereditys on to the next Generation. In order to get a Creature Primed you need to have it in your Party and fight a specific number of times with it in your Team. It doesnt need to score kills, it just needs to participate in fights. The number of fights to get a Creature Primed varies either by Creature to Creature or by Family to Family (needs further testing).

How do Hereditys effect my Creatures stats?
Every time a Creature pass on a Heredity to another Creature it always passes a positive and a negative Heredity dependant on their highest and lowest stat. For example: A primed Ceaseless Maker will always pass +Health and -Attack. The maximum and minimum on Hereditys a stat can get is +15 and -15, the sum of all Hereditys will always be 0. 1 Heredity equals 1% of this Creatures base stat.

How do I know which Creature passes the Hereditys that I need for my new Creature?
Short answere: You need to figure it out on yourself. Long answere: Each Primed Creature has a set of Hereditys that it can pass and it will only have this one set it will never change it is set in stone. For example Ceaseless Maker will always pass +Health and -Attack no matter how many Ceaseless Maker you are Priming they all will pass +Health and -Attack.

You said that Hereditys are dependant on a Creatures highest and lowest stat, what does that mean?
That is what the Game tells the Player but it is not 100% correct. Let me explain: Im using Ceaseless Maker again to help me to explain it to you. Ceaseless Makers base stats are as follows: 42 Health, 12 Attack, 22 Int, 12 Defense and 12 Speed. As I explained before Ceaseless Maker always passes +Health and -Attack but why? Why not +Intelligence and -Defense? Health is nearly always the highest stat for every creature but why do other Creatures not pass +Health then? Short answere: Because its set in stone which Creatures passes which Hereditys. Long answere: The statement that Hereditys are based on a Creatures highest and lowest base stat is just an indicator for what you will get if this creature gets Primed, so its a guessing game until you figured it out for each individual Creature.

If I got something wrong or if I missed something let me know.

Here is a List of Creatures that I Primed that shows which set of Hereditys they will get. I will add more Creatures as I Prime more of them. Creature Names written in Kursive are discovered to have one additional hidden negative Heredity. Creatures with “!” on the end of their names are not testet for having a third Heredity part.

+Health -Attack:
Ceaseless Maker, Nature Shapeshifter,Unicorn Vivifier,

+Health -Intelligence:
Ashmouth Cerberus,

+Speed -Intelligence:
Valkyrie Scout,

+Intelligence -Defense:
Imp Hexer!,

+Intelligence -Speed:
Hemlock Ent!,

+Defense -Attack:
Forest Priest,

+Defense -Speed:

+Defense -Intelligents:
Ethereal Basilisk, Flailing Manticore,

I discovered something new regarding Primed Creatures and their Heredity sets. I Primed 15 Forest Priests and bred them with each other to get a Creature with +15 Defense Heredity and -15 Attack Heredity. But instead Ive always got a Creature with +2 Defense, -1 Attack and -1 Intelligence even though It should have always only been +Defense and -Attack. Which can mean that each Creature has a Heredity set of 3, two are shown one is hidden.

I did the same experiment with Valkyrie Scout but, surprise, I have got a totally different outcome. So I bred Two Primed Valkyrie Scouts together and I got a Creature with +2 Speed and -2 Intelligense. No third hidden Heredity shenanigans. Which can mean that not every Creature has a third hidden Heredity part.

I think that the third Heredity part follows a rule, as you can see in my list at the “+Health -Attack” section, all three of them have +2 Health -1 Attack and -1 Intelligence. So I think that every primed Creature that shows +Health -Attack will also have -Intelligence.