Breeding in siralim 2's new patch seems broken

So pre patch it was a bit of a grind to get gene strength up, but not too much imo. Started to take off after 100 or so. I never wrote down exact numbers but I remember going from 660 to 753 gene strength.

After patch I upgraded a creature from 660 gene strength and he came out with 1513 gene strength. 400 gene strength creatures came out with 1100 gene strength. Is this supposed to be this rapid under the new patch?

I’ve outgrown all of my deity points far earlier than. I was expecting to.

It’s broken and will be fixed in the next patch.

oh. so is it increasing so wildly because its not capped by mage level currently?

How soon will this be addressed? Like fix implemented?

Zack plans on Monday.

I’m a level 278 mage. I restarted my crypt bats because I felt the bug abused the balance.

Breeding new bats has resulted in gene strengths of 4, 9, 18, 37, 82 for each breeding of the same bat. Is this working as intended or still broken?

Breeded a 1510 gene strength bat with a lvl 220 creature. Got one with 2337 gene strength.

Is this broken still?