Breeding Menu Suggestions

Two Suggestions:

[ol][li]Sort the creature list the way stables and summoning menus are sorted, with the [Creature Race] tags. This is far superior. Better yet, allow us to toggle it for those that possibly prefer it the way it is.[/li]
[li]Move creatures in the player’s party to the top of the first page, so we don’t have to hunt through pages of creatures to find the ones with asterisks.[/li][/ol]

Simple changes to make breeding less cumbersome.


And show the gene strength of the potential offspring before breeding.

Sorting the breeding menu by family is by far my most requested QoL improvement as well. It’s strange having acclimated our minds to thinking in terms of family for all other menus to then need specific creature names for breeding. I find myself frequently running back and forth from the brazier just because I can’t remember the first letters of all the creatures I’m working on, despite them being within the same family.