Breeding Nether Creatures

I havent made my second nether creature yet, but I have my first one will all the fixings, however its gene str is quite low now compared to what I have now so… was looking to upgrade it as much as I can.

So I know you cant breed a nether with a regular creature. but can you breed nether creature with another?

do people just make a new nether creature and use their old ones for warlord?

Nether lv and gene strength is the average of your party.
So, to have a higher gene strength your party average must improve.

ah you are right thank you, forgot.

also are there any reasons to NOT get an avatar? what are the pros and cons? does it keep all the upgrades and all that stuff my nether has? does it loose anything? i was thinking of getting Illusion avatar as I think having all rune bonuses is the strongest? ( maybe just for me anyway, but there are a lot of sweet ones)

It loses its race and base stats.

race is family right? so if mine is a nether sphinx justicar it loses ‘sphinx’ right? thats fine i have no spells that interact with race anyway.

what do you mean by base stats? I did create a nether from a gene strength 3000~ creature i think. but would that make it lose its creature specific distribution of stats? I do like how the justicar has def/int primarily and higher spd then other sphinx. how does it determine new stats?

Yeah, it would lose the “sphinx” part, which is fine in your case but it could hurt if you were using a team of hunters, demonic horde, etc.

The base stats are what appear on the bestiary entry. For example, death bat has a base magic of 1, so it’s the worst spellcaster in the game. Avatars all have 50 health, 35 Mana and 25 in every other stat, so they’re always an improvement (and I probably shouldn’t have mentioned base stats at all).

cool thanks. and yea it doesnt loose pills of upgrading or aura or anything right? i assume so.

yeah, don’t worry about that