Breeding Possibly Broken (or I don't understand it)

As this is explaining a possible bug, I didn’t find the form relevant.

Version 0.0.14

Breeding higher Gene Strength doesn’t seem to work. I believe I’m at a slight standstill at 22 as I’m outclassed in Gene Strength. I was rollin’ through it until gene strength started to come into play.

Breeding 2 normal monsters does make a +2. But breeding 2 +2s, even if they’re quite close to my level (they were over 2/3 of it) still only makes a +2 monster.

It’s worth noting that is specifically states in the library that breeding two monsters will have the new one with a higher gene strength, when this does not seem the case.

Yeah it should be producing a +3, at least that’s how it worked in Dragon Warrior Monsters.

Well I’m pretty sure the reason I’m getting destroyed is becuase of gene level. Even my relatively high health monsters are getting one shot by monsters 5 levels below them. And be very quick monsters still go after all of the other enemies…

What level are the monsters you are breeding? Leveling up monsters before you Breed them improves the Gene Strength of the offspring. (There are diminishing returns to leveling … No need to level your +2 to level 100 before breeding it … but my experience is that Breeding level 1 creatures produces poor results)

They were 2/3 my level. I was 30, they were 20.

But what makes me absolutely think it’s bugged is that in “Enhancing Your Creatures” it simply states that the offspring WILL have a higher gene strength. It had the same, the parents and offspring were just +2. And I’m up to facing +8 monsters.

I had the exact same experience.
The +2 seemed to only enhance one stat, too (in my case, it was speed).

Grab the latest update - it should “fix” breeding.