Breeding Primed creatures

Windows 10, Steam version
Version 0.23.6

It seems like breeding Primed creatures takes into consideration the perks the player has unlocked, but only if the creature is in the current party. I am not sure if this is working as intended, so I thought I would list it here so it could be addressed before full release in case this had not been fully thought out.

I believe it might be better to have heredity values not be affected by player perk choices, as this could badly skew useful breeding combinations in regards to get the desired pluses and minuses. Maybe this has been thought out, and that is why it only affects creatures in the current party. This could be useful in that it can be really hard to find the exact plus and minus combo you are looking for, especially early on. If that is the case, maybe that should be part of the heredity tutorial?

I have not finished the main story yet, or gotten any knowledge levels up to S, so maybe this is already implemented, but I feel that we should be able to see what the heredity values of a creature should be. In a game of 700+ creatures, that is a lot of time to spend just to find out what every creature’s heredity values are, and while we can look up online if someone else has posted this, if the majority of players are looking it up or asking others anyways, then it just makes more sense for that info to be readily available to the player in-game.