Breeding process QoL

  1. for inventory/filters/eggs please add sort by heredity
  2. for breeding interface (choose parents myself) can we add a few sortings too?
  • sort by level
  • sort by heredity
  • maybe display creatures that with you and in a stable group with different text colors - would be much better visibility than just an asterix for ones that with you. (reason for stable groups - not to breed accidently, OR breed by intent when you have chosen mates/pedigrees there, or can add a tag [S] for stable groups, [P] for party - in the beginning of monsters name though, for visibility)
  1. allow hold E to skip/speedup hatching animation. when you hatch 50 + eggs it can get tedious
  2. for summoning, allow an option not to leave summoning interface after you ve summoned a creature - reason, well you want to summon like 50 same creatures you ve got from charms, for example?
    Thanks, Great game