Breeding Recipes: Avoiding Frustration

I appreciate that Siralim 3 offers a wealth of breeding options, with many new species now interconnected in interresting ways. Really, I do! But it gets INCREDIBLY frustrating when you’re experimenting with mystery breeding combinations and get a monster you already have…or worse: a monster you were trying to use as fodder to get a new one.

This needs to STOP, and to that end, I suggest this: when you’ve picked a ‘parent’ monster, shuffle breeding combinations that DON’T just yield the parent as the result to the top of the queue. You still don’t know what you’ll get, but at the very least, there’ll be progress made.

mystery breeding is definitely expensive/frustrating, especially since the recipes don’t show the traits of the offspring either. it’s where all my resources are going to at the moment.

This is a horrible frustration yes. Please change it so the ? only appears when it will be something different from the chosen two monsters! I have quit out of the game and done something else multiple times due to this specific issue. Please please PLEASE change this. It just feels like such a let down and a waste of time this way!

This. Or, alternatively, get rid of most or all combinations that create the creatures you find before the end of the story. There’s not really any reason to have a dozen ways of making Forest Priests or Unicorn Vivifiers when I can farm a hundred cores with no trouble.