Breeding tips?

Hey so I’ve gotten to level 130 and I wanted to figure out breeding. So ideally how do you guys go about doing it? Lets say You have a Rapturous Ghoul and you just wanna boost his attack and speed? Would i find another creature that has high attack and speed and breed them together? How close to my level do they have to be for the breeding to be worth it? How would you go about leveling them up again to breed them together? Or lets say I wanted to boost all of his stats, how would I go about doing that? I know theirs another post on breeding but I read some things have changed. So thanks a bunch!

I still don’t know everything, but I know a little from playing. You use the creature you want it to be as the first one, then something with high in whatever you want in the 2nd one (so high att + spd, maybe moon hunter?) and make sure it shows your creature you want as the result. I have had cases of needing to find a different thing for stats because it happened to be a breeding pair that made a different creature. If you want all stats, just breed many times getting different ones up each time.

You want both of them to be “close to your level” but I really do not know what the cutoff is for that. I basically have a stable full of things I summoned because I liked their stats, and I have MAX points in stable things getting XP. Each time I use a stable creature for breeding (the highest level one) I summon a fresh one to start it’s leveling process. Right now I have 5 breeding fodder for each party member, but I am only level 72 or so. Once my party gets to close to my level I breed everyone with the highest level breeding fodder I have for each of them. (I use bottled faeries so I can do it all at once.) I personally usually aim for within 5 levels of me and/or when I feel like it. I have done it 15 levels below me once and they still gained stats. Anyways, I do my whole party together so they stay the same level to each other, then after they hatch and I put spells & artifacts back on and I go to the floor that has creatures of the same level as my party. Eventually I will need rituals to hatch my main party, so I am setting up a secondary party to run with to get the hatching rituals done.

Again, keep in mind this is all what I do, and I have no idea if I am doing it right. Each time I hatch stuff it has a bigger + and more of the stats I wanted, so it seems to work, but possibly not the best way =)

Thanks a bunch! Even if its not the best, you have to start somewhere haha