Brim Smith OP?

Please don’t hate me for calling this out because I know a lot of people use these. I’m level 150, and can’t imagine playing the game without these.

Is there actually anyone out there not using brim smiths for primary DPS? How long do your fights usually last? (95% of the time mine last 1 attack)

I don’t use Brim Smiths at all any more, even in my pure stat-based damage parties. They’re one of the best creatures in the early game, but some later creatures have much higher damage potential. My favorite pure damage attacker right now is a Pit Wraith Lord with the Strength of the World legendary enchantment (from the Colossal Giant). The Pit Wraith Lord gets 5% extra damage for each 1% Health that the enemy is missing, which starts out as 250% extra Attack when you have a Raven Acolyte in your party starting everyone out at 50% health. Strength of the World gives another 240% for the first strike, and anything that survives will have less health, so the Pit Wraith Lord’s ability will be more potent against it next time.

The best part of these abilities is that (as far as I can tell), they work on the creature’s entire Attack value, and not just the portion that comes from the artifact. If you make a nether creature with lots of Attack enchants, the Brim Smith ability doesn’t benefit from that at all but these two abilities do. My Pit Wraith Lord does a lot more damage than my old Brim Smith did at similar levels.

Oh, I always though that the +% damage skills were after defence reduction, that is +% damage of what you would have dealt.
If it works like you say, then it suddenly opens up more possibilities. :slight_smile:

You are correct. Attack bonuses are applied before defense reduction, but +% damage is applied after defense reduction.

Hmm, then I really cant see how the skill of the pit wrath lord or other +% damage skills can compete with the ability of the brim smith when it comes to dealing damage based on the attack stat. They are useful for other purposes ofc, but for an attack based build it is much more important that you get your attack stat above the enemies defence rather than doing more damage when you get above it.

Quick comparison assuming 3000 base attack, 1000 artifact attack and everything is gone (50% health).

brim smith in battle: 6000 atk, does respectable damage to enemies with 4500 defence. (6000-4500 = 1500)
pit wrath lord in battle: 4000 attack, does almost no damage to enemies with 4000 defence. ((4000-4000) * 3.5 = 0)

So unless your artifacts make up a very low amount of your attack stat, the brim smith ability is the way to go. I would even say it is one of the best late game abilities when it comes to dealing with the hardest floors you can manage assuming that you focus on the attack stat ofc. Even more so if you combine him with a brownie captain or something else that boosts total attack (Im I right in thinking that such a boost from a brownie captain would add to 6000 * 1.3 = 7800 in my example above?)

I don’t consider Smiths OP for the singular reason that if they get hit with Disarm they are instantly emasculated.

just get brims smith’s ability and stick it on any creature. Bam any creature is now a brim smith attacker lol

But then you can’t get strength of the world on him too:) which makes him incredibly powerful

I personally really enjoy the mortar combat ability, so satisfying to see the entire enemy team go byebye at once ^^

While on that skill, anyone know around when the creature with that ability shows up? Havent seen it yet, only gotten the skill from a material. Im currently in the process of unlocking tier 21.

It’s the Skeleton Mortarsman, and he shows up very soon - should be 23-24.


Personally, I find my nether spider Occultist to be more useful than the brim smith on the levels that both are really effective. Though generally neither are truly good for the deep realms. The previously stated pit wraith with a frostfire efreet enchant to maximize damage boost, with an acolyte with the lich hellcaster buff. Then my heavy hitters get strength of the world. It’s game over, lol.

Out of curiosity, when you say deep realms, what depth are you reffering to? =)

50+ as a minimum.

Exactly, 50 being the lightest of the deeper realms. I rule of thumb 75 to be the average “deep” realm when it’s mentioned. 50 is the point I go to for testing to see if a party is really capable of handling deeper realms.