Broken Combo

Cold Blood(Wicked Carver): When one of your creatures dies from an attack, this creature gains 50% Attack and moves to the top of the action queue
Cradle to the Grave: After dying, resurrect with 1 health and move to a random position on the Action Queue. Does not work if multiple living creatures have this ability.

Before trying this out, I figured it would be strong, but I did not realize HOW strong. Cold blood is not additive with multiple procs, it appears to be multiplicative. I won’t pretend to know the damage formula but every turn, wicked carver deals 3x the damage of the previous turn. He gets infinite turns, too, because the mite with ‘cradle the grave’ dies every enemy turn. The ai will literally attack the 1 hp guy every single turn, soaking all the damage and skyrocketing my carver.

With Topaz Attunement (Creatures start at top of action queue), I’ll always go first. I can fill the rest of my monster slots with counter-counters, looters and spell casters safely.

This isn’t to say I’ll never die (because I will) but with the right supporting spells and a monster that scorns, its very rare. It appears to work at any depth (currently at 100)

Interesting find. It seems like the real issue here is with AI targeting …

Perhaps there should be an exception in the AI targeting logic to make the AI less likely to attack creatures with resurrection abilities.

In general, I like the fact the AI prioritizes finishing off low-health creatures, but with “Cradle to the Grave” the AI can’t actually finish off the creature by attacking it and so the creature shouldn’t be a priority target (even at low health).

That would help somewhat, but its easy enough to put taunt on a cradle the grave monster. I honestly think that one ability is too OP. It has the potential to trigger other abilities infinitely, makes enemy (and that monster’s) stats irrelevant, and in general just feels like cheating.

If it were to change, my suggestion would be to change the ability to have a set number of charges, like you can revive 3 or 4 times at 1 hp but no more, or be a % chance to activate like other similar monsters.

If you use an inscription to start the battle with taunt, then you will lose taunt after the first revival, it only lets you start battle with taunt.

I tried this out, but found the bonus to my creature’s attack was too low to make it worth the bother. Sounds like it works well while you are still at lower realm levels though. I do like how it moves you to the top of the action queue.

Bone Reaper, Enemies with multi target damage abilities (Mortar Combat, Splash, Cleave) and Ominpotent Diety are ones off that bat that I think could handle cradle to the grave. Remember CTTG will only revive your self and not allies. If you can find a way to consistently damage allies through multitarget moves then CTTG becomes difficult to manage. When one ally dies, then Ominpotent Diety’s Calamity will start a domino effect of piling bodies. And let’s not forget Bone Reaper shuts down Cradle by just showing up.

I think I read somewhere when a member found a lulzy loop where Fallen Carnage one shot his mite gravedigger who had taunt. Guess you could figure out what happened there lol

Does anyone know why carver is dealing 3x damage each time he attacks instead of 1.5x?

Increases attack, not damage, might explain it.

Attack: (base)5000 * 1.5 -> 7500(after buff)
2500 defence -> 2500 damage dealt without buff and 5000 damage dealt with the buff, thats 100% increased damage, while its only 50% increased attack. Pulled the numbers out of nowhere, but even if its not accurate, I still think it will affect it somewhat.

Yeah, hes using a brim smith sword so that might be part of it. Its definitely not 50% more DAMAGE, which I guess is how I read it initially.

You will use that combo until a Fallen Carnage hits your Gravedigger, and then you will nuke the unholy giblets out of every single one you see after that.

I know, man. I’ve seen some things, maaaaaaan. :o

Does the carver’s ability or the Fallen Carnage’s ability trigger first?

Found another funny combo with this abiility. If you put it on mouth of hell, you virtually guarantee that hes always at 1 health (and the AI’s target), and you deal AOE damage = 2x his health every time mouth of hell gets a turn, which is sometimes several times in a row.